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Bricks 4 Kidz Summer LEGO Camp For Kids In Calgary

LEGO. It’s everywhere in our house, I’m sure yours is the same. Under foot it’s a pain, and a mess. Harnessed properly by educators and it’s a familiar tool to help kids learn. LEGO bricks are the ultimate informal learning tool. They prompt kids to naturally practice methods of engineering through hands-on building and they also engage their imaginations with boundless creativity.

“Summer is an ideal time for them to take on new challenges, engage in critical thinking and have fun with peers in an energetic atmosphere,” says Ellen Marks, Curriculum Director of Bricks 4 Kidz®, an award-winning summer camp and after-school program.

Gears, motors, robotics, and LEGO computer software programs also help children grasp technology in ways they might not during the school year, so they’ll experience a whole new level of amusement. Even better, the Bricks 4 Kidz proprietary models and camp activities are centered around popular themes that kids love!

Kids can easily avoid brain drain this summer when they learn through playing. Put them in a program that will employ their minds while having fun and making friends along the way.With half or full day options, multiple locations & 27 engaging themes to chose from there are plenty of flexible options to build your child’s brain!

Bricks 4 Kidz

Locations: Creativity Centre [1428 19th Ave NW] and at various Community Associations around the city

When:  Weekly half-day (9 a.m. to noon, 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.) camps all summer. Free lunch time supervision if you choose am and pm camps to create a full day camp.

What: Bricks 4 Kidz offers camps for kids ages 5-12 has a different theme, all revolving around the creative possibility of LEGO bricks. There are more than 27 themes throughout the summer covering archictecture, comic and superheroes, and mining and crafting. There are also robotics classes and movie-making classes for older brick builders.

Registration: $165-$180 for weekly half day, daily camps available for $35.


Jurassic Brick Land (Ages 5-12)
Campers will build a world that comes to life with gentle brontosaurus, ferocious velociraptor, terrible T-Rex, and more. We’ll learn about amazing dinosaurs that lived during the Jurassic period, and other extinct, prehistoric animals that roamed the earth and swam the seas during that era and millions of years later.

LEGO Minecraft
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Mining and Crafting (Ages 5-12)
Get away from the screen and experience the world of Minecraft® with LEGO® bricks in this creative camp! Kids will begin by crafting their shelters and some of the mobs, critters and tools using traditional bricks and mosaic builds. Campers will face new challenges each day, building motorized Bricks4Kidz models and crafting key elements from the Minecraft® game.

Spectacular Science (Ages 5-12)
This camp brings the topic of energy and science to life using LEGO® bricks! Kids will investigate sources of energy from wind and solar power to fossil and biofuel as they construct and test our motorized models.

Jr Robotics and Remote Controls (Ages 7+)
Using LEGO’s® We-Do drag-and-drop icon based software (designed specifically for elementary ages), sensors and remote controls; your child will further customize their builds by adding sound and motion. An excellent introduction into the world of computer programming and robotics that will ignite their imagination with possibilities in today’s technological world.

Stop Motion Movie Making (Agues 7-12)
Lights, camera, LEGO® action! This unique camp allows your child to use the medium of bricks to tell their story, complete with music, special effects and all their favorite LEGO® minifigures! Participants creativity will be encouraged as they plan, script, stage, shoot and produce their own mini-movie using Stop Motion.

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