Team Diabetes

team diabetes canadaTeam Diabetes is the adventure of a lifetime. A chance to give back to the community by raising money and awareness about this disease that affects more than 1 million Canadians. While the fundraising grows community spirit and awareness, the training for the marathon or half marathon or hike or cycling event you’ve registered for keeps you healthy and increases your chances of not having to live with diabetes in the first place.

Numerous times a year Team Diabetes organizes marathons around the world. Greece, Disney World, Brisbane, Iceland, Prague, Easter Island, Victoria, Vancouver, Rio de Janeiro and more are have all been on the calendar. Each marathon happens at a different time, so many teams are being joined simultaneously.

I have raised more than $20 000 for Team D and have run races in Iceland, Easter Island and Rio de Janeiro.

In August, 2003 I ran the Iceland Marathon as a member of Team Diabetes. After raising $5000 and I pounded my way through 42k around Reykjavik.

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In June 2009, I joined Team Diabetes again and raised more than $10 000 and headed to the opposite end of the planet to run the Easter Island Marathon.

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The Team Diabetes cause is more than just people running marathons. Our group of 43 that went to Easter Island raised in excess of $300 000 and spread the word amongst dozens, hundreds and thousands of people about what diabetes is and how it can be prevented.

In July 2010, I raised more than $6000 and headed south to Rio de Janeiro. The plan was to run a half marathon, but poor training forced me into a shorter run that day.

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In August 2012, my wife joined me for the first time as a runner and she completed her first half marathon in Reykjavik.

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In 2013 I kilted up and ran a half marathon in Edinburgh, Scotland and I’ve already joined up for Team Diabetes Edinburgh AGAIN in 2014. What about you?

If you’re interested in joining Team Diabetes, visit the website to find an information night near you and to see when registration deadlines are.

In addition to support with your fundraising, you’ll also get personalized coaching from the Running Room to help you tackle the training. It’s nearly a year away, but that was the time frame I worked within for my Easter Island fundraising. Having a long lead time gives you 6 months to worry about the money and then 6 months to worry about the training.

By joining Team Diabetes you become a powerful voice in not only raising money for research, but in supporting the cause with awareness. Education can prevent us from getting hit by it in our adulthood, and many children have no choice having to live with daily insulin shots. Being a new father, I am all over preventing diseases that Zacharie and Charlie could face.

And it’s not going to stop.

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