View From Top Of Bobsleigh Track In Calgary

[twitter]This weekend, Calgary will be home to the IBSF Viessemann Bobsleigh Skeleton World Cup.

A bunch of crazy kids will fly down the ice slide at speeds up to 120km/h and pulling 5 Gs. It’s quite the ride. “Regular people” have a chance to hit the slide too, and a couple of years ago I climbed in to a rigid rocket and went down.

It was fun, for the first 3 turns. If there was a cord on the sled like you have on a bus, I would have pulled it and asked to get out at the next stop. But I couldn’t, I was locked in, head down, and hand hanging out the side of the sled holding a camera to shoot all the bone chilling, bumping action of the first person view from a bobsleigh.

It’s an intense experience that you need to try at least once and really gives you a sense of what those Cool Running Jamaicans were in for when they slid down that same track in 1988 without any real idea what they were doing.

We’ll be heading down to the track to watch the World Cup this weekend and cheer on the likes of Jon Montgomery, Cassie Hawrysh, Melissa Hollingsworth, Kaillie Humphries, and Jesse Lumsden on the road to Sochi 2014.

Hope to see you there.

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