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[twitter]A few weeks back I took Zacharie out for his first mountain bike ride on real trails. We hit up Troll Falls on our bikes and I made a video doing nothing more than holding my iPhone while I rode beside and behind Zacharie. Nothing special. It’s certainly not a GoPro.

But as Zacharie gets interested in cycling, I’ve taken to showing him videos of some incredible mountain bikers around the world. I dial up YouTube on our Apple TV and just pop around for videos.  We watch the Urban Downhill race from Valparaiso, Chile and footage of guys riding along ridges in the Alps.

Now there’s this incredible GoPro footage from Kelly McGarry at 2013 Red Bull Rampage in Utah. This the video that is going viral as McGarry pulls a full back flip over a 72ft drop to the canyon floor. It’s incredible.

But I still have difficulty understanding the scope of what is being accomplished from the simple GoPro POV shot.

So I found this footage from a helicopter. Pull back the video of Kelly McGarry at 2013 Red Bull Rampage and you have an even greater understanding of the mountainside he rode down, the gap he flipped over, and just how insane mountain bikers can get.

Zacharie is 6. We live at the top of Winsport Canada Olympic Park home to the best mountain bike trails in the city of Calgary. I’m guessing he asks to do a flip like this sooner than I’d like.

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