You can have fun on a golf course, regardless of your role. Nevertheless, you want to make every minute of the course exciting and memorable. That’s why we gathered some tips for you. These tips are enticing that even golfers who always want to play by the rules incorporate them from time to time to have fun. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the real deal:

Make Your Rules

If you’re looking forward to having more fun than playing, why not make your own rules? There isn’t a reason to stick to golf rules when having a casual golf play. You can invent some for yourself for your enjoyment. For instance, you can have breakfast balls and have plenty of them. You don’t have to play by the rules; it’s your game, your rules.

Play Other Kinds Of Games In Golf

While golf is a game by itself, you can still spice it up and have an interesting one. There are plenty of games you can incorporate into your golf game, some at a cost and others for free. For instance, Bingo Bango Bongo, best ball, or match play can spice up your game without paying an extra penny.

Play Few Holes

While most golf players play 18 holes, it isn’t a rule. Sometimes you may not feel like playing an entire course, and that’s okay. It’s vital to note that playing 9 or 12 holes is also acceptable. In fact, playing fewer holes ensures that you enjoy your time on the course and save some hours for other activities. It is especially true if you opt for stay-and-play golf packages for the best entertainment holidays. If that is the case, you may want to check the golf club’s packages, such as what the Rich River offers to see your options.       

Stay Clear Of Some Clubs

This one can be a bit frustrating for golf enthusiasts. However, during your next game, leave some clubs at home. For instance, try staying clear of your 5, 7, and 9. Playing with a few clubs ensures you think differently about managing the course, enhancing your creativity during the game. With this tip, you may notice the development of new skills that will help you in your regular rounds.

Bet On It

Don’t take this tip the wrong way. We aren’t advocating gambling. However, if you’re looking for a sure way to take your game a notch higher, why not put a little cash into it? The good thing is that it doesn’t have to be so much. You can even have the individual with fewer points buy lunch or drinks. Whatever you decide to put on your game, ensure it isn’t much and everyone is comfortable with it.

Incorporate Some Tunes

Cranking some classic tunes might not be appealing to most golfers, but this tip can ensure you have a game to remember. With good music while playing, you can relax or get in the mood, enhancing your game experience. Besides, you don’t have to bring along a mega speaker since you can find plenty of tiny Bluetooth speakers on the market for your convenience.

Team Up

Though golf is an individual sport, you can level up your experience by teaming up. The thought of having someone as a teammate to help you add some points into your basket can add fun to the entire game. For instance, you can try out the best ball, especially if you’re into a foursome. Having a teammate that pushes you towards victory makes teaming up even better.

Do Away With The Cart

You don’t want to move around in a cart if you’re looking forward to having fun on a golf course. Instead, opt for walking. Besides making the moment enjoyable since you’ll be exploring the entire course, walking benefits your general health. In fact, you burn about 2,000 calories by walking an 18 holes distance. Contrary to what most golfers think, walking doesn’t take much time than a cart; they both take an almost similar time to move from point A to point B. If you’re used to using a cart, start small as you go up. You can begin by walking to the front nine and riding back. Walking ensures you feel and play better.   

Don’t Keep Scores

As absurd as this tip might sound, it can make your game fun. Don’t take the game as a tournament. Instead, go out there and have fun with your friends. Rather than keep score records, just hit the ball while catching up and appreciating perfect shots. While keeping score records is part of the game, try incorporating this tip for fun.   


If you’re looking forward to having some fun while golfing, the above tips can be helpful. You only need to view your game as a fun activity instead of a competition to make it more enjoyable and memorable with your family or friends.

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