how to keep a new year's resolution[twitter]It’s really a subtle change… a very subtle change, but if you think about working towards something positive instead of changing something negative, it can affect your whole mindset. Don’t think of the new year as stopping something bad, think of it as starting something good.

I believe accountability is also important. Try not to do it on your own, involve friends and family and declare your goals publicly so they can help you on your path. With that in mind, I have a few goals for the new year:

Achieve Inner Peace
Okay, that’s a little flighty, but I watch a lot of Kung Fu Panda with the boys. Inner Peace is a theme in the movies and it’s something I haven’t had in nearly a decade. The most calm, peaceful, and happiest I’ve been in my life was one summer when I was doing yoga twice a week. Jen and I are registered for classes starting in January, and I look forward to this weekly ritual bringing me some calm.

I didn’t wait for January to start on this goal, I’ve been trying to respect “Disconnected Saturdays” for the past few weeks. The idea is simple: turn off the phone on Saturday. It becomes a little tougher when my Phone is my camera, so I may have to start packing along a digital camera for our weekend adventures, or just let go of the fact that I cannot share, take a picture of, or film, every single moment of my life with my kids.

Get Faster
I’m back into the training plan for another Team Diabetes run, this time a half marathon in Edinburgh, Scotland. It was great to run the Iceland Half Marathon with my wife last summer, but that run was just about getting her across the finish line. The goal was completing it, we weren’t racing it. I’d like to get back to racing and so I’ve set up a training plan to get my time back under 2 hours for a half marathon. Race day is May 26.

Clean Up
There is a lot of clutter in our garage, basement, and my bedroom closet. The goal for the new year is to streamline what I have, organize the areas that I use, and live in a cleaner environment. Who knows, I might even knock off some of the items from my “Honey Do” list.

What about you? What’s your goal for 2012?

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  1. Sherry Telle December 30, 2012 at 11:04 am

    My goals for this coming year are to get enough paintings together for a gallery showing, be active, and detach this laptop from my lap! The last one is vital in order to achieve the fist two! And be more active in the community, I am joining a rotary club to be an active volunteer!

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