When it comes to theme parks, I like mine wet.

Laughing, giggling, relaxing, cooling off. It all happens. Sure, there are lines, but you’re wet and splashing and it’s somehow easier to take.

There’s the Insano in Brazil that drops sliders up to 100km/h, and the fun and quirky Blizzard Beach in Florida that tries to cool sliders off by having them pretend they’re at a ski resort.

Then there’s Brandenburg, Germany where an old airship hangar has been turned into a tropical paradise. A true rainforest jungle, in the middle of Germany. The world’s hot spot for water slides is in Wisconsin, and more than a few cheeseheads made our list including the two longest slides in the world, found at the same park.

Check them all out with the 20 Most Amazing Water Slides And Water Parks In The World.

Leap of Faith – Atlantis

Leap Of Faith Waterslide

The Leap of Faith slide at Atlantis in the Bahamas has a 60ft, virtually vertical drop from the top of a Mayan Temple. As if that wasn’t enough, you slide through a clear tunnel right in the middle of a shark filled lagoon.
Image Credit Traveltalk

Insano – Brazil

Insano Waterslide - Brazil
Okay, 7 stories may sound like a crazy drop to you, but travel to BeachPark in Fortaleza, Brazil and you’ll find the tallest water slide in the world, Insano. How does 14 stories grab you? And a top speed of 100 km/h? Don’t be too afraid, it’s all over quickly. The insane drop takes less than 5 seconds.
Image Credit Oddity Central

AquaLOOP – Slovenia

While many of the best slides on this list offer some sort of near vertical loop, the first to offer the thrill was Terme 3000 in Moravce, Slovenia. The AquaLOOP has the rider stand on a trap door to release you into wet thrill ride pulling 2.5 Gs and nearly 70 km/h.
Image Credit Sava Hotels Resorts

The Scorpion’s Tale – Wisconsin

Scorpions Tale

At Noah’s Ark Waterpark in Wisconsin you already get to play in the largest waterpark in North America, but they’re equally proud of their thrill slides. The newest is The Scorpion’s Tale which features an almost near vertical loop.
Image Credit Noah’s Ark Water Park

Tropical Islands – Germany


Brandenburg, Germany’s Tropical Islands is the world’s 3rd largest building. It’s a complete resort that houses the world’s largest indoor water park. Up to 8 000 people a day splash in this old airship hangar that looks, and feels, like a tropical paradise. It’s not just pretty, it’s got mean water slides too, including one that will have you hitting speeds of near 70 km/h.
Image Credit Tropical Islands

The Cyclone – Alberta

Best Waterslides In The World
Unlike most water parks, West Edmonton Mall’s World Waterpark is entirely indoors and open year round. Considering temperatures can hit -40 in the winter in this city, it’s a popular place to play. With sliders reaching 60km/h, The Cyclone was the first waterslide of its kind in Canada offering both a big 17 metre drop right into a loop.
Image Credit West Edmonton Mall

Black Anaconda – Wisconsin


Another thriller from Noah’s Ark Waterpark, Black Anaconda has been named America’s Most Thrilling Water Coaster. This one is a group effort on banana boats that gets so wild, a mesh covers the open parts of the tube.
Image Credit Noah’s Ark Water Park

L2 – Austria


The world’s first double looping waterslide is L2 at Woergler Wasserwelt in Austria. You start with a 14m free fall and reach a top speed of 65 km/h.
Image Credit Woergler Wasserwelt

Drop Out – California

Raging Waters in San Dimas is the largest water park in SoCal, and the DropOut is one of the tallest in the US. A 7 story near free fall drop will kick you up to nearly 60 km/h.
Image Credit Incredible Coasters

Cliffhanger – Texas

Schlitterbahn means slippery road in German, and so it’s a perfect name for a water theme park in … Galveston, Texas? There are some German parks to come on this list, but let’s go with this one for now. The Blastenhoff section of the park features two combos that will have you twisting, or speeding. The Cliffhanger drops straight down, the F5 Twin Twisters will let you race your partner through a dark rope helix.
Image Credit Killingart

Blizzard Beach – Florida

Blizzard Beach is one of three Disney water parks this one in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. The idea is a freak snowstorm hit the State, and this frozen looking water park was born. There are snow and glacial features everywhere including at the top of the Summit Plummet. Like testing pitches on a radar gun, once you finish this 360 foot long free fall through a dark tunnel, a digital readout will tell you your speed. You should top up near 60 mph, if you don’t chicken out and try to slow down. To top out the ski imagery of the park, you can choose to take a chairlift to the top to try again.
Image Credit Blizzard Beach

The Wildebeest – Indiana


This used to be the longest water slide in the world. Santa Claus, Indiana’s Holiday World takes their water sliding seriously and The Wildebeest lives up to their ambitions as it was voted the world’s #1 Water Park Ride.
Image Credit Holiday World

Mammoth – Indiana

Not satisfied to have their Wildebeest as the world’s longest slide, just this year Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana opened The Mammoth. You start at 7 stories up and take 6 drops over more than half a kilometre before you get to the end and .. a conveyor belt drags you back to the top.
Image Credit Holiday World

The Wedgie – Australia

Whitewater World in Coomera, Australia is home to The Wedgie. It’s not a cute Australian word for something different. This one does what the name says it will do. A trap door launches you into the ride, you’ll flip through a loop and then, as you enter the brake pool, hold on to your swim shorts lest you find out how this slide got it’s name.
Image Credit Richard Wilson

Tantrum Alley – Dubai


Tantrum Alley from Wild Wadi Waterpark in Dubai is the park’s highlight featuring the first slide in the world to have 3 funnels that will tumble sliders down the course.
Image Credit Wild Wadi Waterpark

Typhoon Lagoon – Florida


The centerpiece at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon is “Miss Tilly,” a shrimp boat impaled upon a mountain named “Mount Mayday” that erupts a 50-foot geyser of water every half hour. It’s not just the wave pool that brings more than 2M people a year to the park, there’s a full roster of slides to hit as well.
Image Credit Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon

Master Blaster – Wisconsin


The Kalahari Resort is home to the world’s first indoor Master Blaster, an uphill water coaster. The park is also home to the Flow Rider, a surf machine that will teach you how to Hang 10 … in Wisconsin.
Image Credit Kalahari Resorts

Black Snake Summit – California


Black Snake Summit features five water slides, including the two tallest, fully-enclosed water slides in Southern California. Prepare to get wet on the Sidewinder & Boa Constrictor, the lower boarding platform slides. Make your way to the top platforms to experience the body slides: Venom Drop, Coiled Cobra & Twisted Fang.
Image Credit Hurricane Harbour

Summit Tower – Ontario


Everyone wants to have the biggest, fastest, highest, or longest when it comes to water slides. Calypso Park near Ottawa, Ontario is home the tallest free-standing waterslide tower in North America. You can climb the 28 metre structure and choose from 10 different slides at the top.
Image Credit Calypso Park

The Behemoth Bowl – China


Chimelong Water Park in Guangzhou, China is the largest water park in the world. The Behemoth Bowl is their best. 4 riders get in a four-man cloverleaf tube and after completing an 80-metre-long translucent tube, riders plummet into a massive bowl where centrifugal force propels the riders around the inside and then throws them into the central drop chute.
Image Credit HuluTrip

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