skookumchuck bakeshop

Skookum Cinnamon Bun | $4.75 | Skookumchuck Bakeshop

[twitter]Deep in the coastal rainforest, on the edge of a provincial park sits a treasure. It used to be known as The Green Rosette and was closed for a bit, this year’s it’s been renamed The Skookumchuck Bakeshop.

skookumchuck bakeshop

skookumchuck bakeshop

Skookumchuck Bakeshop

Whatever you call it, a wonderful bakery perched on stilts amongst the ferns and red cedars of the Sunshine Coast is as perfect a surprise as the teahouses you find in the Rocky Mountains.

Some will take just the few hundred steps from the highway before nestling up to locally roasted beans and handmade snacks, others will save the treats until after completing the 10k return trek to the Skookumchuck Narrows.

You might choose an asiago and tomato bun, a chocolate chip cookie as big as a child’s head, or a blackberry cinnamon bun. We chose a Skookum – a soft, chewy, sweet, fresh cinnamon bun.

When we walked in to check out the offerings on our way out to the narrows, they were out. A new batch was about to be baked, we were told, and would be ready in about 3 hours.

skookumchuck bakeshop

skookumchuck bakeshop

Perfect timing for us to head out to the Skookumchuck Narrows and back. When we returned, we wrangled a bag of Skookums with smiles.

Take the hike or not, that’s your choice, but a wander up to the end of road in Egmont is a must if just to visit the Skookumchuck Bakeshop for a Skookum cinnamon bun.

Skookum Cinnamon Bun from Skookumchuck Bakery


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