Newport Storm Hurricane Amber Ale

[twitter]THE BREWERY: Newport Storm, Newport, Rhode Island
It isn’t surprising to hear that 4 guys from college came up with an idea to start a brewery. What may be surprising is that these guys are all still great friends and the brewery is still growing after over a decade. Coastal Extreme Brewing (or The Newport Storm Brewery as we are known by many) was the dream of Brent, Derek, Mark, and Will.

The brewery has made over 30 different kinds of beer. They helped pioneer the idea of making limited release beers in 1999 and did the same with canned beer in 2004. Thousands of people have visited the facility and many more have had the opportunity to try our unique beer throughout RI, CT, and MA. Through it all, the focus continues to be making quality, unique, local beers for our fans. As in the beginning, the Brent, Derek, Mark, and Will hope you enjoy their beers as much as they enjoy making them.

THE BEER: Hurricane Amber Ale
This first beer from Newport Storm continues to be one of its most popular. The goal was to create a flavorful ale where delicate malt and hop flavor were in perfect balance. To meet this goal, the brewing crew uses North American crystal malt for color and sweetness, and Munich Malt for body and mouthfeel. The perfect amount of spicy Tettenang hops are added for flavor and aroma which compliment the bittering properties of the Magnum hops to round out this session brew.

Craft Beer Advent Calendar: Newport Storm Hurricane Amber Ale

TASTING NOTES: via 2013 Craft Beer Advent Calendar
With a lot of toast flavour, which comes from Munich malts, and notes of molasses and tea, which come from crystal malt, this is a rich, wonderful, complex amber ale. Hurricane will blow you away. If you like American amber ales, try Anderson Valley’s Boont Amber Ale which is available in western Canada.

MY REVIEW: 3/5 on Untappd
Spicy and hoppy. It was easy to drink, but nothing special.

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