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Here are my latest submissions to Man Of The House

Five Hometown Activities With Your Kids
There’s only so much reading, crafts and Legos a preschooler can handle before they go batty. The lure is always there to just flip on a TV and let them drift into a peaceful zombie state with DJ Lance Rock and The Wonderpets as afternoon sitters, but there are, however, great and simple escapes in your hometown that will cost little to free and offer hours of enjoyment for the kids – and you!

A Twitter Guide For Dads
Chances are you’ve heard of Twitter. That micro blogging service of 140 characters or less that has media outlets, celebrities and athletes around the world encouraging you to “follow them.” Many dismiss Twitter as just a laundry list of what people are having for lunch – much like Facebook status updates. But just as there are Facebook accounts that offer much more substantial amounts of information, there are Tweeps (twitter people) worth following for great conversation, insight and ideas.

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