Bavarian Wing at Wurst

Bavarian Wing | Wurst | $7

[twitter]They look like eagle wings, or turkey wings, or ostrich wings. They’re huge.  But they’re chicken wings. And, yes, they’re $7 each.

The wings at Wurst in Calgary are amplified to ridiculous proportions because they’re stuffed and breaded with a German sausage. A steroid if you will to “pump you up.”

And they’re awesome.

The hot sauce has a bit of bite, not a lot, the sausage is meaty, the pretzel breading and deep frying makes it look and feel like you’ve dug into a Fred Flintone-sized meal of wings. Or, in this case, wing.

I paired my fist sized Bavarian wing with an order of Wurst‘s poutine. That was a mistake.

The poutine is meant to be shared. By a gaggle of people. With speck gravy, truffle oil, and cheese curds crumbled on top of duck fat fries, it is a rich appetizer not to be tackled by the light-hearted. 12 hours after pecking at the dish with half a dozen bites, my insides are still trying to churn their way through it. I won’t do that one again.

Skip the poutine, stick to the wing, and pair it with a large stein of Hacker-Pschorr Kellerbier and you’ll be ahead of the game.


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