Wine Tasting Is Bullshit

20090925 Napa - 28

St Clement Tasting Room – by Buzz Bishop on Flickr

With apologies to Penn and Teller, it is – it really is.

Just as with galleries that hang fingerpaintings from 4 year olds that have critics wagging, wine is all about ritual, mystique and a whole bunch of nonsense.

The swirling. The sniffing. The tasting. The spitting.

Wine tasting is like poetry class. Back in high school you’d take a few dozen words on a page and craft imagery, and deep meaning from just a few scattered syllables.

The same happens with wine. But let’s be honest – it either tastes good, or it doesnt. You either like it, or you don’t.

Sure it’s a fun puzzle to find the leather and clove and cherry and citrus that the tasting notes so boldly declare are hidden somewhere in your glass, but does it matter?

Wine tasting, is bullshit – and I’m loving every single sip of it!

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