I’ve wanted to compete on Survivor since the day it debuted in 2000. There was a time, around season 3 or 4, that I could name every single competitor and the order in which they were eliminated. I was a super fan.

I always thought the idea of combining Survivor with a poker tournament would be a great idea. Build a resort in the South Pacific and invite people down for 2 weeks at a time to “play Survivor.” You take $500 – $1000 from each person for ‘the pot’ and play Survivor for real money, just like on the tv show, just like in the game.

I never thought about doing it for The Amazing Race, but that’s exactly what Competitours has done. They have created a mystery itinerary across Western Europe that is set up like “an Amazing Race for regular people.”

The idea is simple; 8-10 teams of two set out across the continent to complete daily challenges (the majority of competition activities are based on creativity and resourcefulness, NOT speed or fitness), earning points in pursuit of a grand prize cash pool of up to $7200.

Here are the 2015 Competitours details:

$3850 per person based on double occupancy. $300 from the tour fee is put in the prize pool.

Maximum 12 pairs of teams per trip

The trip is open to anyone from any country with a valid passport or visa to Western Europe. Participants under 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

You’re responsible for some breakfasts, some dinners, all lunches, and some ground transportation. Airfare to and from the start/finish line is also not included.

I’d love to put in a video audition for Amazing Race Canada, but as these shows play out over a longer period of time, you can see they are leaning more and more on stunt casting for their storytelling. You need to have a unique relationship with your partner, or have a particularly compelling backstory for the stow. It will be impossible to get on and run the race with my wife, or mom being “just a regular person.”

That said, Competitours is the Amazing Race for regular people without casting, auditions, or applications. Buy a ticket and you’re in!

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