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[twitter]When camping with kids near Calgary you want it close, you want a variety of activities and you want convenience. Camping at Chain Lakes Provincial Park has all of that just 90 minutes southwest from the core of downtown.

Driving Distance: 90 minutes [google map directions] Camping Fees: $25 with electrical / $19 without (no reservations accepted)
Number of Sites: 124
Facilities: Beach, Playground, Cooking shelters, Fire pits, Pit toilets, Concession, Boat Launch, Fishing, Swimming
Nearest Town: Nanton (40km)
Cell Reception: None (payphone at concession)

Chain Lakes Provincial Park is in the foothills of the Rockies and is found along the historic Cowboy Trail. The campground is a great homebase to spend a couple days and pop up to Bar U Ranch for a visit.

There is plenty to do around the campground, there is a small beach (really just a few hundred square feet of shoreline carved out and sand dumped in and there are two huge new playgrounds.

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The shoreline is great for fishing and there are two boat launches to get in the water. There are speed restrictions on the lake, so skiing isnt an option (although on our windy visit there was a kite surfer on the lake), but if youve got a boat you can still explore the corners and do some fishing or bring along a canoe.

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The sites are a mixture of open and sheltered, so get there early if you value your privacy. There are no shower facilities, but the large central kitchen shelters are a bonus if the weather isn’t the greatest and you’d like to cook a meal for a large group of people.

There are no site fires allowed, but central fire pits make it great to meet your neighbours and share a s’more.

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Chain Lakes Provincial Park was a quick and easy getaway for a Friday night camp for me and my son, we’ll be back.


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