Snow That Glitters

Seen In Calgary #22: Snow That Glitters

I don’t like winter. I’m a spring and fall kinda guy. I like the crisp air and bright colours, but you can keep the snow thank you very much. My kids, however, have a very different perspective on snow. I love that having kids changes my perspective and lets me see things from a different angle. Like, for example, snow.

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silver tip golf canmore

Tee Time #3: Silvertip Golf Resort in Canmore

It’s so great when golf courses open up and welcome kids to play. I took Zacharie to play Silvertip Golf Course in Canmore where they have a new short course and kids play free. He maybe plays 4 or 5 holes in the 18, he’s more interested in fixing divots, and playing with the ball washers. Silvertip was the perfect place for us to play our last round of the year.

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