Twitter Bowl[twitter]Many people gathered with friends today at whoever’s house has the biggest HD TV to watch the Giants and Pats in the Super Bowl.

Watching big games with a lot of people may be a fun social event, but you never really get a sense of the drama of the game because of the din of the crowd, and beer spilled in your nachos.

For big events, like the Masters, or the Stanley Cup or Super Bowl, I prefer to watch the game tout seul. Alone. By myself.

Today, Jen is on one couch, I’m on the other. But I’m having a big party – with my twitter peeps. It’s the best of both worlds. I’m chillaxing with the fam, I get to get into the game, and when something big happens, or a cool commercial comes on, I can yak back and forth with 30something people – all the while not disturbing the ass kicking of Eli Manning.

Beautiful. I’m calling it Twitter Bowl I.

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