You’re not the only one stuck at home, PGA, NHL, NFL, and other athletes are all on lockdown too and they’re hitting up Peloton to stay fit.

Want to ride alongside Rory McIlroy or Roberto Luongo, it’s easy – if you know their Peloton Leaderboard name.

Many PGA, NHL, NFL, and other athletes are sharing their Peloton workouts on social media and racing alongside their friends – and you!

Clip-in and get ready to ride, here’s a list of some of the biggest PGA, NHL, NFL, and other athletes on Peloton and their leaderboard user names!


When Rory McIlroy took to his Peloton and showed off his incredible athletic prowess, the world stood up and noticed that golfers are real athletes.

Now, as sports is on the sidelines, McIlroy has made a name for himself challenging his PGA pals to ride-offs on the Peloton. Here are some Peloton Leaderboard names for PGA Players:

McIlroy post ride on his Insta alongside his incredible Peloton stats.

Rory McIlroy – PGA player – rors89

Cara Banks – Golf Channel – carabanks

Adam Scott – PGA player – aussiescotty

Billy Horschel – PGA player – BillyHo23

Charley Hoffman – PGA player – charleyhoffman

Ricky Barnes – PGA player – realrickybarnes

Justin Thomas – PGA player – jlthomas34

Brooks Koepka – PGA player – BlakeKoepka

Jimmy Walker – PGA Player – JimmyWalkerPGA

Brandt Snedeker – PGA Player – bsneds

Bubba Watson – PGA player – bubbawatson

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Of course it’s not just PGA tour players riding a peloton and racing along. From retired NHL players to current NFL all-stars, here’s a list of Peloton usernames for other big time athletes you can ride alongside on the Leaderboard.

(Some I have connected to athletes, but can’t really confirm if completely accurate are marked with an asterisk*)

Roberto Luongo sharing his Peloton pain on Twitter.

Roberto Luongo – Retired NHL – Strombone1

Jonathan Bernier – NHL – jobern

Tyler Toffoli – NHL – TylerToff

Nate Thompson – NHL – NThompson44

Eric Joyce – NHL Executive – ericjamesjoyce

Baker Mayfield – NFL – BRM6

Richard Sherman – NFL – Rideout25

Cliff Avril – NFL – MrSackFumble

Booger McFarland – Retired NFL / Broadcaster – booger9494

Matt Leinart – Retired NFL / Broadcaster – mattyice111

Cam Newton – NFL – aceboog1e*

Jay Cutler – Retired NFL – Cutler6

Patrick Mahomes – NFL –2PM*

Russell Wilson – NFL – DangeRussWilson*

JJ Watt – NFL – kJWatt*

Kurt Busch – NASCAR – kbracer1

Christian Van de Velde – Retired Pro cyclist – ChristianVV

John Isner – Tennis – jisner85

Roger Federer – Tennis – federer1*

Michael Morse – MLB – MorseCode38*

Derek Holland – MLB – DutchOven45*

Mike Napoli – MLB – MikeNap12*

Ben Hebert – Olympic curler – bennyheebz 

Cassie Campbell – Olympic hockey player / Broadcaster – ccp2010

Here are some other athletes known to have a Peloton, but whose Leaderboard Names remain a mystery.

Usain Bolt – World’s Fastest Person –  David Beckham – Retired soccer player 

Steph Curry – NBA – Jordan Speith – PGA player

The Top Peloton Instructors To Motivate And Inspire Your Ride


Not to be left out, Peloton instructors can often be found taking rides and training outside their instructing time slots. Want to see how your wattage compares with Wilpers? What to high five Hannah?

Here’s a partial list of leaderboard names for the Peloton Instructors:

Alex Toussaint – Bike – MrToussaint25

Ally Love – Bike – AllyMissLove

Andy Speer – Tread / Strength – ASpeer

Becs Gentry – Tread – BecsGentry

Ben Alldis – Bike – BenAlldis

Cody Rigsby – Bike – CodyRigsby

Denis Morton – Bike / Yoga – Denis__Morton

Emma Lovewell – Bike – EmmaLovewell

Jenn Sherman – Bike – JennSherman

Jess Sims – Tread – JessSims

Kendall Toole – Bike – fitxKendall

Matt Wilpers – Bike / Tread – mwilpers

Christine D’Ercole- Bike – IAmIcanIwillIDo

Know some famous athletes or celebs you like to race on Peloton? Drop me a line and I’ll add them to the list!

Disclosure: I have had an on and off endorsement arrangement with Peloton on the radio. I am not under contract at the time this post was published.

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  1. Em April 26, 2020 at 6:52 pm

    Cam Newton’s is aceboog1e

  2. AC April 30, 2020 at 9:59 am

    Lots of other NBA players have bikes too, like Lebron, Melo, Draymond, etc. but sadly don’t know their leaderboard names 🙁

  3. Ed P October 15, 2020 at 12:21 pm

    dannykanell – Danny Kanell retired QB, analyst

    GregMcElroy – Greg McElroy retired QB, analyst

    ninodiggs – Quandre Diggs Seattle, Texas Longhorns DB

    RapSheet – Ian Rapoport NFL Network reporter

    stupido – Stu Holden retired Soccer player, analyst

    ThePelotonDonX – Adrian Colbert Miami Dolphins DB

    TennisAthlete1 – Roger Federer (confirmed)

    MattBarkley – Matt Barkley NFL QB

    Ewood70 – Eric Wood retired NFL OL

  4. Audrey January 19, 2021 at 10:05 am

    I think the actor Paul Rudd is on it too — @paulrudd

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