16 Reasons Why Trevor Linden Is The Greatest Canuck

Trevor Linden Is The Greatest Canuck

Why wait?

Retire #16 now and rename Expo Blvd, Linden Avenue. Trevor Linden is the greatest. Ever.

16. He’s a RW who will take defensive zone faceoffs in the last minute
15. The Life Line (Linden – Ronning – Courtnall)
14. He’s a damn fine mountain biker
13. 1994

12. 1989
11. Hospital visits
10. Canuck Place
9. Game 7

8. The fans
7. One of the grittiest playoff performers in history
6. Raise-A-Reader
5. 2008

4. Canuck Place
3. He gave up the C to Messier
2. He didnt ask for the C from Naslund
1. 1994

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