Tangerine Orange KeyWhen it came time to open bank accounts for my kids, I asked around and found the best Deposit Bonus for new accounts was at Tangerine. With an ORANGE KEY: 42579296S1 referral code, my wife and I each opened accounts, and referred each other and made a $250 bonus on our deposits of $500. That’s 50% just for using an Orange Key Bonus at Tangerine.

Here’s how we did it.

The Orange Key Bonus amount can change, but the concept is consistent: Open an account at Tangerine, use ORANGE KEY:42579296S1, get free money.

Plus now, it’s easier than ever to open a Tangerine Account, since you can activate an account at a Canada Post Outlet or a Tangerine Café instead of needing to send in cheque from another bank account.

Now the bonus has increased from $25 to $50!

tangerine refer a friend

Ready to sign up?

Doing these referrals will get you a current bonus is $175 (more if your spouse opens an account too) To receive this you need:

  1. ORANGE KEY: 42579296S1 (which is confirmed working)
  2. Open a savings account + deposit $100 (receive $50 bonus)
  3. Or Open a chequing account +deposit $100 (receive $50 bonus)
  4. Switch your pay deposit to Chequing account and receive one deposit (receive $100 bonus) – must make 2 bill payments or a pre-auth payment
  5. Open an Automatic Savings Plan of at least $100 per month and receive $25
  6. (Optional) withdraw your deposits and bonus at any time!
  7. Each bonus can be done separately or together, no requirement to do them all

There is no time limit that your deposit needs to be held for.  Just withdraw the money and enjoy your bonus immediately!! Refer your spouse, and all of these bonuses can double.

tangerine refer a friend code

Sign up today using ORANGE KEY42579296S1 and get your $50 free (plus other bonuses!) as soon as you make your first deposit!  Sign up now, right here.

Offer open to Canadian banking customers only, other promotions may apply in other jurisdictions. Orange Key applicable only to new Canadian customers of Tangerine. This post contains affilliate codes.


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