Losing a job is a lot like breaking up. Finding a job is a lot like getting a new mate.

I can say this with experience. I was divorced 4 years ago and am now married. I lost my job 2 months ago and now I’m looking.


Its a lot like organizing yourself after a breakup, isnt it?

Get laid off, post your resume on Monster.com, Workopolis.com and Someonegetmeajobnow.com.

Break up, go to Lavalife.com, PlentyofFish.com and Someonegetmelaidnow.com.

Get fired, network with your colleagues to find new opportunities. Get dumped, call all your exes and try to connect a booty call.

Even the emotions you feel when you go for an interview are the same as heading out on a first date. A good interview can send your head into a frenzy just like a hot first kiss after dinner. All of a sudden youre planning the wedding / designing your new cubicle and then they dont call.

When looking for love becomes your main goal, you give off a desperate aura and you tend to repel, rather than attract. The same can happen when looking for work. Get too desperate and you start applying for jobs that are well below your skillset just hoping to get lucky and land a slump buster.

However, when you become comfortable in your own skin, and happy with your place in the world and confident in your skills and abilties, you start beating off the babes with a stick the same will happen with the work opportunities too.

Its not rocket science, its just about confidence.

Im confident, and available. Can I buy you a drink? *wink*

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