Back in October, this blog disappeared.  The site was taken over and my entire archive of content evaporated.  It was backed up on a host server somewhere on this planet, but digging it up is taking a lot longer than I had hoped.

3 years of experiences, diary entries, advice and information… Gone.

I long preach to back up your hard drives, yet I was neglecting one of the biggest sources of content I produce: my blog.

I have Backupify working to keep a copy now, but I’m still out 3 years and more than 1000 entries of content.

So .. here we go … again.



  • mara says:

    that’s too bad to hear 🙁 i’m really sorry to hear that…
    i can kind of relate. somebody, an ex friend of mine, went into my photobucket and deleted hundreds of pictures from over years of saved memories, pictures with friends who have died, pictures of my trips, i thought it was a safe place to put them. i guess not…

  • Michael Kwan says:

    How do you use Backupify to backup a blog? I see they have ways to backup Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, etc, but they do FTP too? For the DB backups, there are WP plugins.

  • Buzz says:

    My problem was the database of the entries, so that’s what I’m using Backupify for.

  • Tom/ye11y says:

    Even google doesn’t have it?

  • Buzz says:

    I didnt grab the cache in time. Plus, there were more than 1000 entries – tough to remember the tites of each and every piece. I’ve been told by my host that the database is there, it just has to be rebuilt or something. I’m just not a huge priority, but I should get most/all of my content back (eventually).

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