A Day To Apologize

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[twitter]Mother’s Day is another one of those holidays where men must genuflect before the important women in their life and apologize.

Just as with Valentine’s Day, the impetus of Mother’s Day lies on the man to stop down and say “Woah, I really don’t appreciate anything you do 363 days of the year.”

Dismiss Mother’s Day as a Hallmark Holiday if you must, but it does serve as a necessary reminder for those of us who are on selfish cruise control most of the year to wake up and appreciate how Mom manages to get it done.

The sacrifices every Mom must make are Christlike. Giving over their body to our children is just the beginning. It’s not a simple 9 months and it’s over – that’s only the beginning, just ask the #zombiemoms.

By giving us the joy of 2 boys, my wife has put her career on hold for nearly 4 years. She has missed raises and promotions, and has moved away from her home to support me and my career choices. Only now is she able to try to find work and is facing the stigma of employers questioning whether a mom of 2 can be loyal to a job. That is sacrifice.

Still, in our house, my wife is the command centre. While I’m blindly focused on my “work,” she’s making sure cards are sent to family members who are celebrating. She keeps an eye on activities and makes sure my boys get inspired at art classes, soccer or library sessions. While I can take care of the cooking and groceries each week, she makes sure the house is clean, the kids are bathed and the snacks are made.

Do I take my wife for granted? Oh, yeah – you bet. I’d like to not be like that, and am thankful the second Sunday in May rolls around to force me to focus on something other than myself.

A spa session, a bouquet of flowers, croissants and coffee. It’s not a lot, but it’s something that says “I appreciate all that you have given up for the good of us.”

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