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[twitter]Wow. This site has seen a HUGE run of traffic since I started writing about BPA. Many people are going back to my original thread introducing the issues, the return your bottles to London Drugs info and other pages making comments.

Since you may have seen the original threads, but not the updated info in the comments, I’m tossing up this update with the latest info:

London Drugs will be requiring a receipt after May 5, 2008 for any BPA infant bottle returns so get them in before then. I just saw a sign in their store today and confirmed that with their customer service line 1-888-991-2299.

LD has a max return limit of 6 Avent bottles at a time but not every clerk seems to enforce that. From speaking with a clerk, eventually Avent will will not be accepting any more bottles back so this program will be phased out. But LD should give some notice 1-2 weeks before that happens. Keep up the good work!

Playtex Advance are no good. Check their website, they are offering free samples of their drop-ins plus have a chart of all their products and whether they are BPA free or not. . TJ Kids and Toys R Us both have Evenflo glass bottles for $3.79 (very reasonable compared to other options).

Talked to Canadian Springs this morning. They are claiming that their bottles are safe for several reasons…1. They are not boiled clean, they first clean with mild cleanser and lukewarm water, then they are disinfected with Ozone. 2. At any sign of wear, they are recycled and not used again. I gotta admit I’m not 100% convinced with their answer though.

Tupperware has this on their website. Rock n serve/heat and serve are “7″s…They are saying though that the amount of BPA in the plastic is minimal, thus they have no plans at the moment to recall or change anything. (this is what I hear from my consultant).

I just came back from groceries at Save-On-Foods and their baby aisle was once full of Avent BPA badness, but it has been cleaned out. Good for them.

Even Avent is starting to buckle under the pressure and is offering customers samples of BPA-free products.

If you call 1-800-843-2174 and speak to a consumer care representative they will send you out free samples of their BPA-free bottles and sippy cups. [source]

That said, they’re still a part of the pro-BPA lobby. Which makes you wonder .. If BPA isn’t bad, why are they taking full page ads out in Ottawa newspapers offering free samples of a product that is BPA free and promoted as such?

Since Canada made the first announcements about BPA being harmful, the American govt has made moves to align themselves with Canada’s stance.

Emboldened by Canada’s decision to ban plastic baby bottles containing bisphenol A, Democrats in the U.S. Senate are proposing a law that prohibits the controversial chemical from all plastic products made for children who are up to the age of seven.

Europe is following Canada’s lead and having deeper concerns about BPA.

So why is it then that Starbucks and Tim Hortons are still selling travel mugs that contain BPA?

I have no clue.

The main source of exposure for babies is through migration of BPA from boiling water poured into polycarbonate bottles. Clement said the use of BPA in linings of tin cans for infant formula remains a concern, but he opted against a wider ban in favour of establishing migration targets for industry.
Last month, a draft brief on BPA, released by the National Institutes of Health’s National Toxicology Program (NTP), singled out exposure to infants and children as a concern.

“There is some concern for neural and behavioural effects in fetuses, infants and children at current human exposures. The NTP also has some concern for bisphenol A exposure in these populations, based on effects in the prostate gland, mammary gland and an earlier age for puberty in females,” the federal agency concluded.

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