Adele And Robert Smith Are Not In Love

[twitter]How do you discover new music? MySpace? YouTube? Ping?

Me, I discover it the old fashioned way – through friends and on the radio.

Last week, after seeing tweets fly by for weeks about Adele, I finally buckled down and got her new album, 21. This passionate review by Derek K Miller was my personal tipping point.

Most of the album, is quite down tempo. Just Adele‘s lamenting voice and a piano or guitar. If you’ve been recently dumped or are looking for love, it will either push you over the edge or steel your will. It could go either way.

The upbeat tracks, however, are just awesome. I’ll Be Waiting, Rolling In The Deep and Rumor Has It are all in repeated rotation on my latest iTunes mixes.

Then today, when I was cycling through stations on my commute (yeah, I do it too) I heard a jock talk about a song he just played. It was Robert Smith doing a cover of Platinum Blonde.

Are you kidding me?

I didn’t hear the song, so at the next red light I sparked it up on YouTube on my iPhone. I loved it after 30 seconds and then clicked over to iTunes and bought it right there. At a red light.

What are the last couple of tracks you bought? How do you discover new music?

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  1. Michael Kwan March 24, 2011 at 7:50 pm

    I recently discovered Adele too. The single is fantastic. I also enjoy Turning Tables and Someone Like You. I haven’t had a listen to her previous album, but I’m told it’s quite different.

  2. Carolyn Egerszegi March 24, 2011 at 10:59 pm

    I almost exclusively discover new music on the internet. I poke around featured playlists at, or I hear a song on a website or blog I’m visiting which piques my interest. Sometimes I follow the advice of Ping on iTunes. Strangely enough, I’ve discovered a lot of new music on So You Think You Can Dance. Much of the music on that show is very moody with great lyrics (which I love), so it’s often right up my alley. SYTICD is actually how I learned about Ray Lamontagne. (Late to the party, I know, but he’s amazing.) You’ll notice I haven’t said the radio. Sorry. Occasionally I’ll hear something new on the radio, but not often. btw – love Adele. I think I discovered her on a blog playlist.

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