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The 90 Best Twitter Accounts of 2011 – it’s the ultimate Follow Friday list of Twitter accounts that can add value to your stream. Freshen things up and add names like Alec Sulkin (Family Guy Writer), Bill Simmons (Grantland Editor and influential sports writer), Depressed Darth (the regrets of Vader), Kelly Oxford (the next Shit-My-Dads-Says-ish star to come from Twitter).

A Brain Going Bad – not only a great (tragic) read about the life of Derek Boogard, but a brilliant display of journalism from the grand old lady. The New York Times article is long, detailed, moving and annotated with video links. There’s also an accompanying 30 minute documentary produced by the NYT. This is the future of print media and, hopefully, not the future of hockey.

The Digital Pacifier – there was much debate in the Twittersphere this week over my posting about my son’s delayed speech. Charlie is nearly 2 and mumbles less than 10 words. He communicates fine, we’re not worried, but I did point to his proficiency with the iPad as to one of the causes of his “developmental delay”. There is much evidence that digital pacifiers are making their presence felt in our kids’ lives. Is it good or bad?

Yummy Mummy Club – one of the many sites I write for had “a little work done” this week. The new design is elegant, clean and much easier to navigate. My first post for the new YMC detailed 55 apps for kids you can preload on their iToys before Christmas.

Twitter Gives You Access – I’ve not been shy with my criticisms about the New, New Twitter. I don’t like it and have abandoned the official apps. I now use Tweetbot when mobile and I’m clinging to the Adobe Air version of Tweetdeck on my desktop. When faced with the criticism Twitter inventor Jack Dorsey took the time to respond. “thx for your patience,” he told my friend. “We have to build the foundation for conversation & discovery first, and evolve to re-add the shortcuts.”

What are your must reads of the week?

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