If you’re reading this, it may be because I have blocked your alias on Twitter. Twitter blocking is a tool I use to help me manage my stream.

Twitter is a game of follow the leaders. I use Twitter as a news feed. It provides valuable insight, information, and stories to my daily activities and I don’t take it for granted. Twitter is my primary news source and so I try to keep it uncluttered and rid of noise.

Honestly, I don’t really care who reads my tweets, my stream is public and I don’t have a problem with anything I say on my stream. In most cases, I am not blocking to stop you from reading what I write, I’m blocking you so I no longer have to see what you write.

I need to keep my stream manageable, valuable, and informative to me. Often times I’ll just unfollow someone if the tweets are no longer relevant, but if the comments you are making directly @ me add no value – I’ll block you so I no longer see them.

I block trolls. The types of people who simply tweet spam and links and usually have eggs or sexy avatars.

I block the ignorant. If what you says makes absolutely no sense, or if your responses fail to grasp the sense of an argument I am making, I’ll end the conversation by blocking you.

I block bullies. If all you’re trying to do is pick a fight, off you go.

I block the belligerent. I’m all for healthy and honest debate, but if you are so bound by nonsensical ideology that you start name-calling, and make bizarre arguments – I’ll block you to stop the conversation and get my stream back.

Twitter gives you access. I have used to engage with political leaders, celebrities, and social media superstars. The @ is still infrequent enough for many that each and every one will get read and most responded to. If you violate that privilege of access, I will block you so I no longer have to put up with your spamming, ignorance, bullying, or belligerence.

UPDATE: Twitter’s implementation of a mute function has solved many of my problems with not seeing nonsensical @ replies, but there are still those who insist on causing havoc. My stream doesn’t need that, and the block comes in.

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