Life Hacks From The ER: How To Remove A Ring That’s Stuck On Your Finger

How To Remove A Tight Wedding Ring With Windex

Windex really is a miracle product. It’s not just a punchline in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the uses for Windex appear to be limitless.

Including removing right wedding rings.

I cut my finger pretty badly a few weeks ago. I was trying to separate frozen hamburgers with a sharp knife, and well, once the burgers separated the knife slipped right on through the my finger and took a nice divot out of my tip.

This is the 3rd time I’ve done this. I’m not good with knives, apparently. My wife took me to the ER, but not after first sitting down and having her dinner while I stood with a dripping finger under running cold water. Like I said, this was the third time I’d done this and she was sure I wasn’t going to die, and she was hungry.

It was a bad day for ring fingers that day. By the time we got to the clinic, there were 3 of us in line holding our left hands high with bandages. Each of us having nicked the same finger.

Here’s the gruesome look at my finger with the sutures. It’s gross. You’ve been warned.

Mine was the worst of the three and required stitches. To do that they’d need to freeze my finger and there was a promise that it would swell. I still had my wedding ring on my finger and they said if they couldn’t get it off, they’d have to cut it off. Yikes.

A nurse showed up with Windex. A few squirts on my finger and a gentle rotating tug and it was off. I was expecting soap, or vaseline, or something like that, but .. nope. Windex.

If you want to know how to remove a ring off your finger, use Windex. The nurse said  Windex is not only a lubricant, but it has properties that makes your skin shrink a little bit making it easier to come off. It’s a good thing they got it off too, my finger ballooned with the anaesthetic.

I joked to my wife I was a free agent without the ring and could do as I pleased. “Just try it,” she fired coldly back.



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