How To Stop Getting Email Updates From Your Facebook Page

Facebook has updated its pages to make them more like profiles. The biggest change you’ll notice is the flood of notices to your email box this morning. By default, the page is set up to send you a notice every time someone posts a comment or link to your page.

Turning it off the email updates from your Facebook page is easy.

1. Go to your Facebook page.
2. Select Edit page.
3. Select Your settings.
4. Toggle the check boxes to receive emails or not.

Opt out of Facebook Pages Email Updates

How to opt out of Facebook Pages Email Updates

The other big change is the ability to now switch your Facebook profile from your personal one to your Facebook page. You can now comment on Facebook as either yourself or as your page. Conversely, you can also now comment on your own Facebook page as your personal profile, instead of the voice of your page.

These changes are great (except for the default opt-in that Facebook is so fond of). The biggest problem is the news feed for your page follows the same algorithm as the “Top News” feed meaning things will no longer be in chronological order.

What do you think about the new Facebook pages?

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