Calgary Eats: Wurst is First

Wurst restaurant and beer hall

Wurst Restaurant and Beer Hall
2437 4th St SW, Calgary

Twitter: @wurstcalgary

Wurst is one of Calgary‘s newest restaurants and it’s easily one of the most stylishly designed boites in the city.

Wurst is a huge 2 level restaurant with a bright beer hall in the basement and huge trees lining the centre of the upstairs dining rooms.

While many high end steakhouses have lockers for the regulars to store their favorite booze, Wurst has stein lockers where the patrons can keep their radically odd beer mugs for safe keeping.

Wurst stein lockers

The menu is german fusion. Spatzel adorns many of the meaty mains while sausages populate the plates for sharing. Take as exhibit one the chicken wings:

Wurst wings

If buffalo had actual wings, this is what they would probably look like. They sat on the side of our table for a good 5 minutes while we picked at a tomato and cheese salad and Nurnberg sausage sliders – we were that intimidated. Once we braved a bite, they were delicious. HUGE sausages are stuffed inside the wings making for a bold and filling side. Don’t order these as something before your main meal, these are perfect AS the meat of your meal.

The servers at Wurst all wear cute barmaid styled tshirts that bridge the gap between Hooters and a traditional Bavarian Brau Haus – they’re sexy, but appropriate.

The whole joint is upscale with a side of tongue in cheek. Open your three-folded menu and you’ll see a gothic script reading “We’re Bringing Mustard Back.” Randomly throughout the night oom pa pa music came through the speakers and I can only dream what will happen in this basement during Oktoberfest.

I’ve already made my reservation.

2 500ml beers, salad, sliders, wings and black forest cake: $73, tip made it $85.

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