Maybe It Was Something I Ate #29: Nacho Burger at South St Burger Co [AND CONTEST!]

Nacho Burger South St Burger Company - Buzz Bishop

Nacho BurgerSouth St. Burger Co. – $11

A Nacho Burger is not something you see on a menu everyday, so I bit into one as I took a day trip cruising across the city with Charlie one summer afternoon.

Guacamole, salsa, cheese (I skipped the jalapeno sour cream), all mashed into a sweet chewy bun with 6 oz of beef.

Yes. Please.

When it comes to burgers, I will go one of two ways: to the extreme, or to the beginning. It has to be wild, or it has to be simple, there’s nothing in the middle for me.

The Nacho Burger at South St. Burger Co. was a wild choice for me, while Charlie chose simple: fries, and a hand scooped strawberry milkshake.

Milkshake with Charlie - Buzz Bishop

Oh, I was a bad dad this day, but it was for work. You see, South St. Burger Co. is examining people’s #BurgerBehaviour this summer and is canvassing Calgarians on the cause.

They asked me (and others) about how we eat burgers. And until I stared at the menu and selected the Nacho Burger, I had never really thought about how I like my burger, I always just did it. But after thinking about it, I realized I have a very specific #BurgerBehaviour.

It has to be different, it has to be something I’ve never had, it has to be daring.  The Nacho Burger with a load of guac, a kick of salsa, and some creamy cheese was just that for me.  Here’s how others break it down:

On their burger style…. Messy? Neat?

“I’m pretty messy. It’s worse when I’m sporting a beard. Luckily I like to wear colourful shirts that can usually disguise both ketchup and mustard.”- W. Brett Wilson

“Sloppy with a lot of sauce.” – Charleston Hughes, Defensive Lineman for the Calgary Stampeders

On white or whole wheat buns…

“The white bun wins us over every time when they are soft and moist. Always more burger than bun by rule.” – Chefs John Jackson and Connie Desousa from CHARCUT Roast House

Are veggie burgers real burgers?

“Yes they are. The meat and the bun is just a small percentage of what a burger is. They’re but two instruments in the symphony. Veggie instead of beef can still sing, if built with imagination.” – Buzz Bishop

If you could have a burger with anyone living or dead?

“Likely my Twitter based “virtual girlfriend” – Shannon Tweed because she’s plain fun. If Gene says no – then Justin Bieber – so I could give him some fatherly advice about getting his act together while he can still change the world for the better!” – W. Brett Wilson

“A burger with Terry Fox would be darn pretty cool. I’d love to talk with him about his legacy, what he thinks of it, and how he found the soul and determination to just be himself, set a goal, and change the world. And while I’m an exotic fan, I’m guessing the burger with Terry would be a classic: quality meat, bun, and just a splash of mustard, ketchup, and onion.” – Buzz Bishop

South St Burger Company

Now’s your chance to explore your own #BurgerBehaviour at South St. Burger Co. Just answer one of the #BurgerBehaviour questions asked above in the comments and enter to win $40 at South St. Burger Co.

(Please note the contest is restricted to residents of Alberta and Ontario, because that’s where South St. Burger Co is!)

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Join the Conversation

To join the #BurgerBehaviour conversation visit, and follow @southstburgerco on Twitter and @southstburger on Instagram.

Thanks to South St. Burger Co. for supporting Team Diabetes Canada in exchange for this branded content.





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