Siopao at Jing Jing Bakery

[twitter]I had a craving. I was headed for a weekend meeting that would happen over the lunch hour. I didn’t know if food would be served, so I needed a nosh. As I approached Calgary’s Chinatown, I knew a siopao was what I needed.

Jing Jing Bakery is right on the corner of 3rd Ave and Centre St N. It’s a basement operation that looked wonderful. By looked wonderful I meant it looked dirty and kind of sketch. Frankly, that means authentic and old school, so it didn’t bother me.

I browsed the bins of buns and asked for a siopao. They were just going in the oven and would be ready in 5 minutes. Oooooh.. fresh!! I was thrilled to wait.

Then .. I was disappointed to eat. I’m used to the soft chewy steamed siopao from New Town Bakery in Vancouver’s Chinatown. They are a sweet chewy ball of heaven and this one .. well, it wasn’t. The top was crispy, it became flattened when I tried to take a bite and it just wasn’t what I expected.

Siopao At Jing Jing Bakery

While this siopao in Calgary’s Chinatown was a disappointment, I am thrilled to have found the bakery. THey had sweet buns, and other steamed offerings I may just pop in and grab next time I’m need a snack.


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