[twitter]You remember that scene in Forrest Gump where Bubba is listing off all the things you can do with shrimp? Well, if shrimp really is “the fruit of the sea” as Bubba explained it, then huckleberries are the fruit of the mountain.

So when I say I “Bubba Gumped” my way through Idaho this summer, it means I had everything I could possibly have with huckleberries in it. After all, it is the State fruit, and when it comes to going local, I go all in.

I went to a Huckleberry Festival


I had huckleberry beer

huckleberry beer

I had huckleberry lemonade

huckleberry lemonade

I had huckleberry pancakes with huckleberry syrup

huckleberry pancakes

I had huckleberry shrimp tacos

huckleberry tacos

I had huckleberry sauce on my salmon burger

huckleberry burger

I had huckleberry ice cream and huckleberry jello shots

Red Light Garage in Wallace

And I barely scratched the surface missing out on huckleberry shakes, huckleberry taffy, and picking huckleberries on their own in the mountains.

Late July, early August is peak huckleberry time in North Idaho. Go and see how deep you can Bubba Gump your way through the season.


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