Calgary Stampede 2011 Best New Midway Food

Best Stampede Midway Food 2011 - 13

When it comes to serving food on a fair midway, you’ve got to keep it simple.

Take something, dip it in batter and then serve it up. Usually on a stick.

The 2011 Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth is underway and the Best New Midway Foods of the Calgary Stampede were served up last night to be dunked, dipped and dined on. And wouldn’t you know it, not a vegetable to be seen on the entire menu.

Macaroni and Cheese Pizza
It’s pizza and sauce with a bed of plain macaroni noodles and then bathed in cheese.

Best Stampede Midway Food 2011 - 06

Donut Burger
A maple dipped donut is your bun with a bacon cheeseburger tucked inside.

Best Stampede Midway Food 2011 - 09

Deep Fried Pop Tarts
Your favorite handheld breakfast food battered up and fried. Covered in fruity pebble sprinkles and whipped cream.

Best Stampede Midway Food 2011 - 08

The best of a turkey dinner in a plastic martini glass that is AWESOME to keep for your pool deck.

Best Stampede Midway Food 2011 - 11

Pork Chop On A Stick
Exactly what you think. A chop as big as your head. On a stick.

Best Stampede Midway Food 2011 - 12

Waffle Dog
Instead of a corn fritter, it’s a hot dog wrapped in a waffle.

Best Stampede Midway Food 2011 - 02

And the best new midway food for The Calgary Stampede 2011?

Kubie Korn Balls
Corn fritter balls with bits of kielbasa sausage. It tastes like pancakes and sausage, deep fried.

Best Stampede Midway Food 2011 - 10

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  1. This was just for “new 2011 foods.” I will seek out your rib tomorrow on the fairgrounds.

  2. My Visitors to Calgary were told about the wonderful “smells’ of the entrance to the Stampede and Midway. Not only were they doing the whole Chuckwagon/Rodeo thing.they were excited about our tales of fying back bacon, yummy onions piled high,the sweet smell of unhealthly foods cooked in oil and on the grills. They came back with no tales of yummy smells of onions and meat frying….thy came back with story’s from workers that most food was BROUGHT in and reheated on the grills and thats why our company couldn’t smell those AWESOME MIDWAY YUMMIES!!!!. Is that true. If so SHAME on the Stampede Board. When did you become the Airlines of the food product mentality. SHAME oN YOU if what they said and “DIDN’T SMELL ” are true ;-((((((((

  3. Hi have you tried the Fried Pickle chips? They look delicous… I will be tasting them tonight (I hear their addictive)!

    Located across from Nashvill North at Granny Smiths

  4. Is the pork chop on a stick easy to eat? Or will it get messy and all over your face?

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