inglewood drive-in

[twitter]There are some great, classic burger joints in Calgary. You’ve got Rocky’s Burger Bus, Boogie’s Burgers, Angel’s Drive In, Inglewood Drive-In, and the world famous Peter’s Drive-In.

Burgers, shakes, fries, onion rings. That’s what you’re going to get at any of them. The Inglewood Drive-In is tucked in between Inglewood legends Rouge, and Spolumbo’s. I’ve driven past it dozens of times and have always wanted to check it out. This weekend, on a random Sunday drive exploring different parts of Calgary, we decided to pop in.

It’s a fun retro diner. A simple menu, and the decor is vintage photos, plain booths, the floor covered in black and white checks. We had a couple shakes, a couple burgers, some fries and a dog. Easy enough.

This review from Urban Spoon pretty much sums up our take on the place:

Frozen Whole Sale Burgers, yay. For the location I was hoping for a old school feel. Not to be rude, but such a basic menu you should be able to make a better burger than that.

I was expecting classic drive in, and got, well, meh. Even the Nathan’s Famous hot dog that they serve, normally legendary, tasted extra fatty and salty. Everything was extra salty, aside from the milkshakes, none of it really memorable.

inglewood drive-in

inglewood drive-in

All the other burger experiences in the city have been great. So next time you’re in Inglewood craving a burger, drive on through and go to Boogie’s in Bridgeland, or Rocky’s in Bonnybrook, or Peter’s in Renfrew.

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