The Best Beer Advent Calendars

The Craft Beer Advent Calendar is, without doubt, the best grownup advent calendar on the list. It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s beer.

The Craft BeerAdvent Calendar debuted in 2012 and was so popular, it sold out in days. This has led to other breweries to team up or go solo in a stream of copycats. This is a good thing, beer loving friends.

Here’s more info about the Beer Advent Calendars In Canada this holiday season:

Craft BeerAdvent Calendar

The Craft Beer Advent Calendar

The Original Craft BeerAdvent Calendar is curated by Craft Beer Imports, a Western Canadian craft beer importer. The 2015 calendar is promising a collection of North American beers. This calendar doesn’t come cheap. The prices vary on the jurisdiction, but most come in and around $150.

The availability of the calendar changes each year based on the products inside and each jurisdiction’s liquor laws. The 2015 calendars feature some bottles and cans on a refill program meaning they will not be available in British Columbia, Ontario, or Quebec, or the United States of America. If you live in AB, SK, MB, NS, NL, YT, or NWT, keep your eyes peeled or monitor social for the 2015 Craft BeerAdvent Calendar‘s availability.

Phillips Snowcase Calendar

Phillips Snowcase 2015

With the Craft BeerAdvent Calendar not available in BC this year, expect a surge in popularity for the local breweries and their calendars. The 2015 Phillips Snowcase Calendar from the Phillips team on Vancouver Island promises 24 unique brews from their facility throughout December. Tasting notes and backstories for each beer are online. The Snowcase will be available across BC, Alberta, and Manitoba. You can track down a pack using their finder.

Parallel 49 and Central City Craft Crossing Calendar

Parallel 49 and Central City Beer Calendar

Just in time for the holidays, the Craft Crossing Calendar is returning to liquor stores in B.C., Alberta and Manitoba the first week of November. Central City and Parallel 49 are back together with each brewing six new special brews unique to the holiday collaboration that include sour beers, stouts, bocks, pale ales and winter ales. This collection is typically priced in around $80.

Stiegl Adventkalender

Stiegl Adventkalendar

Spotted on the floor at Co-Op in Calgary, I have not been able to find out more on the Stiegl Adventkalendar from the Austrian brewery.

Costco Beer Advent Calendar

Costco Beer Advent Calendar

Rolling in at $90 for 24 500ml beers, the Costco Beer Advent Calendar might just offer the best value of the bunch.

DIY Beer Calendar

DIY Beer Advent Calendar

You can also do the calendars on your own, venturing out to buy the beers a la carte, should a calendar not be available where you are. Beer Advocate put together these curated lists of brews to buy to make your own Beer Advent Calendar. Or you know, you can pick up any two-four and a sharpie.

Which is your favorite beer advent calendar for this year?

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6 Best Beer Advent Calendars

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