Calgary Needs A .. #5: Cool TShirt, Bro

Vancouver is a Cool City, Bro Tshirt
Image by Katie Weldon via Justin Longoz

Vancouver looks like a someone doing the Fonz symbol and sticking their thumb up. At least that’s what Justin Longoz thought.

The Vancouver artist saw it as “the perfect symbol of hope for a city that we all love despite its undeniable social and economic problems.”

So he put it on a tshirt.

Cool City, Bro, is being sold to benefit Megaphone Magazine, a non-profit street paper that provides homeless and low-income Vancouverites a voice and opportunity.

Cool idea, bro. It’s a limited edition item (so limited that only Medium shirts are left) that you can buy for just $20. Hey, look, that’s Vancouver’s Mayor, Gregor Robertson sporting one with Justin at the top of the page.

I always thought Calgary sort of looked like a First Nations-styled wolf howling towards the west, or maybe a regal lion facing west. Nose Hill is the eye, while the Bow River empties out as it’s mouth.

See if you see it from this pic taken by Chris Hadfield from the International Space Station:

Calgary at night by Chris Hadfield

Nenshi, can someone make that into a cool tshirt, bro?




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