Where To Find U-Pick Orchards In The Okanagan

U Pick Orchards In The Okanagan

What you will find depends on the season, but if you drive Highway 97 between Oliver and Osoyoos and keep your eyes out, you will find U-Pick orchards in the Okanagan.

On our recent trip to Osoyoos, I wanted to recreate the memory I have of climbing orange trees in Florida with my grandfather.

U pIck orchards

U pick orcahrds

Zacharie has loved climbing trees of late, and so I thought the chance for him to climb a tree, and grab some fruit would be a great way to explore on our vacation.

There are many U-Pick orchards between Osoyoos and Oliver, the one we found was on the east side of the highway, just north of the Desert Centre turn off. For 80c a pound, Zacharie and I could grab as many peaches as we could carry.

We wandered across the highway to the orchard and I was floored at how big the fruit was and how plentiful the trees were. In a mere seconds we had filled our small metal bucket with some sweet peachy goodness to bring to Nana and Grandpapa. And I had taken more than a few pictures too.

U Pick Peach Orchard in Osoyoos

U Pick Peach Orchard in Osoyoos

U Pick Peach Orchard in Osoyoos


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