U Pick Orchards In The Okanagan[twitter]What you will find depends on the season, but if you drive Highway 97 between Oliver and Osoyoos and keep your eyes out, you will find U-Pick orchards in the Okanagan.

On our recent trip to Osoyoos, I wanted to recreate the memory I have of climbing orange trees in Florida with my grandfather.

U pIck orchards

U pick orcahrds

Zacharie has loved climbing trees of late, and so I thought the chance for him to climb a tree, and grab some fruit would be a great way to explore on our vacation.

There are many U-Pick orchards between Osoyoos and Oliver, the one we found was on the east side of the highway, just north of the Desert Centre turn off. For 80c a pound, Zacharie and I could grab as many peaches as we could carry.

We wandered across the highway to the orchard and I was floored at how big the fruit was and how plentiful the trees were. In a mere seconds we had filled our small metal bucket with some sweet peachy goodness to bring to Nana and Grandpapa. And I had taken more than a few pictures too.

U Pick Peach Orchard in Osoyoos

U Pick Peach Orchard in Osoyoos

U Pick Peach Orchard in Osoyoos

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