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[twitter]Happy birthday, Chooch.

What a year it’s been. You started the year being named a Cheerios kid and getting your picture on the box. From there it went straight up.

You and your big brother (who loves you very much) may look alike, but you’re very different. Sure, you’re a little shorter than average, and you are a little behind your brother when it comes to speaking, but you’re you and you’re miles ahead in your own way.

You’ve taken to writing utensils very naturally this year. You can grab a crayon or pencil and scribble all day. You’ve assumed the natural writing position, and if the pencil or crayon slides out, you’ll push it back.

You love to eat, Choocher and you love to feed yourself. We call you a “fruititarian”, you can’t get enough of the stuff. The mere sight of a kiwi or bowl of blueberries will send you into giggling fits of anticipation.

The funniest thing you’ve ever seen or heard in your life is someone blowing on a beer bottle. It puts you in hysterics. You have a few words in your arsenal and are picking up more every single day. You love the iPad and can swipe between pages and apps and movies like a seasoned expert. You LOVE to read, Charlie. If a tv is on you’d rather go in a corner and flip through a book and tell a story to yourself. You are very good at self-play and can entertain yourself if nobody else is there to laugh with.

Parents aren’t supposed to have a favorite, but kids certainly do. You, my Chooch, are a Momma’s boy if there ever was one. You love your Momma and constantly say her name. Momma? Momma? Momma? Even when it’s just you and me, you go to the door and ask for her. She loves you immeasurably too, Choochie.

You’re a silly little man, as every 2 year old should be.

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  1. Vicki Brain September 25, 2012 at 10:50 am

    Just caught the news story on the uproar over your post over a favorite child. Well, that does raise most people’s hackles because our common basic human need is to be loved–especially by our parents. But anyway, I just thought you might like to read a real classic by the late Erma Bombeck on her favorite child. I have remembered it well, so many years after reading it! You might find it by googling.

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