Calgary’s Child Magazine Parent Choice Awards

Look Daddy! It's the CITY!

You see all the trendy hipster rags serve up their best of the city, so why not something for parents?

Never mind the best place to get naked, or the best place to pass out drunk, or the most expensive dessert or best band nobody’s heard of. Those are fine lists for those who measure their worth in shots of Jager consumed before breakfast, but parents need a different list of activities to waste away the weekends.

Calgary’s Child serves up the Parents’ Choice Awards each spring. It’s a simple survey on their website asking parents their favourite things to do with their kids. Sure, it’s a highly unscientific way to determine “the best” but still a great source of inspiration to discover new things to do with your family.

Here are some of the major category winners, all great places I look forward to hitting with Zacharie and The Chooch once the snow melts.

Best Swimming Pool: Southland Leisure Centre
Best Museum: Glenbow Museum
Best Entertainment For A Children’s Party: Calgary Reptile Parties
Best Birthday Cakes: Calgary Co-Op
Best Programs: The City of Calgary Recreation
Best Place To Take Your Kids On A Crummy Day: Calgary Science Centre

Here’s the entire list. What are some of your favourite family places in Calgary?

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