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Balancing Diabetes - What Diabetes Feels Like

What Does Having Diabetes Feel Like?

What does having diabetes feel like? Unless you ride that emotional roller coaster every day, it’s impossible to understand. Balancing Diabetes by kerri Sparling offers real world insight into a life with diabetes and the balance that diabetics try to achieve. It’s not a textbook, or an advice script, it’s just a collection of real life stories and experiences from people trying to Balance Diabetes and live life with a broken pancreas.

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CONTEST: Who Inspires You In The Fight Against Diabetes?

I don’t have diabetes directly in my family. But, through my involvement with Team Diabetes, I have met many people living with diabetes who I would go to the moon and back for. The latest is a girl in Grade 1 who is being ostracized from her class just because she has to check blood sugar and adjust her insulin pump. Here’s her story ..

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