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This week there are a couple of great deals for iTunes Gift Cards. At Future Shop you can get a $50 iTunes Card for $39. That’s 22% off. Awesome.

But Safeway is doing things one step better. The $50 iTunes Gift Card at Safeway is on sale for $37, (if you use your Safeway Club Card) and you can print off another coupon to get the card for $2 off. So that’s a $50 iTunes Gift Card on sale for 30% off!

There’s no limit to the number you can buy at $13 off, but you can only use the $2 discount coupon once per transaction.

Still, these are the best deals I’ve ever seen for iTunes Gift Cards (that usually go only 20% off) so stock up on a bunch to use as gifts or download music and apps all year long.

Michael Buble and the Bubble Jets

2004 juno awards michael buble

Buzz Bishop, Michael Buble at The Junos – Edmonton, 2004

Michael Buble was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live this week. It’s odd to watch someone you knew “back in the day” take off and make it big. It’s odd, and awesome.

Before he was on Oprah, Ellen, 60 Minutes and SNL, Michael Buble was just a lounge act performing with his band, The Bubblejets, at Babalu, I was his emcee.

It was the late 90s and swing dancing was the thing. Buble was the Sunday night act at Babalu, a Vancouver cigar lounge. In between sets from his band, local dance instructors would come out and give swing dance lessons to the audience. My job was to intro Buble, dance with some pretty girls, and then hang with the DJ (Jason Manning).

You knew Buble had talent back then. The club was no bigger than the kitchen he poses in on the cover of November 2011’s House and Home, but he performed with an energy like it was Madison Square Garden.

I got swept into his world a little bit because my girlfriend at the time, Tammy Weis, was a jazz singing diva-in-waiting. She was to be the “next Diana Krall” to his “next Harry Connick Jr.” They would duet at each other’s gigs and cheer each other on.

Later, when Weis and I broke up, it was Buble who dragged me for a boys’ night on the town to cheer me up.

Michael Buble – Babalu

In those days at Babalu, Michael often wondered why he hadn’t made it yet. Vegas was the big time and he was haunted by a local rival, Brian Evans, who had paid his way to Las Vegas and was performing there and bragging about it back in Vancouver papers.

Buble may have been a bit jealous, but he didn’t get sidetracked. His manager at the time, Beverly Delich, busted her ass for the boy. The Red Rock Diner gig let to more musical stage performances and a move to Toronto. It was there where he became a wedding singer at Brian Mulroney‘s daughter’s wedding where David Foster saw him and, well .. the rest is history.

In 2004, I was in Edmonton to watch that boy bounce on the stage and accept his first Juno. I gave him a standing ovation from the press gallery and a hug on the interview stage.

Now, 35 million albums and an Argentinian model wife later, Buble is big time. Big. Time. It’s cool to watch someone you know hit that pitch out of the park and make their dreams come true. Especially when you know how badly they wanted it.

Elf On The Shelf (In A Box)

The Elf on the Shelf is a huge hit this year. The mother daughter business that was shunned by publishers now has sold millions of little spying elves and has spawned TV specials, newspaper features and now … it’s own parody song.

US radio station Y98 gave The Elf on the Shelf a decidedly adult Christmas-y theme song to the tune of Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg‘s Dick in A Box.

After you’ve listened to the track a couple of times, it will be stuck in your head.

I dare you not to hum it while you pop your elf in a new hiding place tonight.

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Do you have any funny Elf On The Shelf photos/stories?

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