FSTB: Why You (Don’t) Need An iPad (2)

future shop tech blogMy latest entry for the Future Shop Tech Blog discusses today’s unveiling of the new iPad 2. While you may not need an iPad 2, there isn’t a better time to get into iPad.

random boys - 074My family loves our iPad.

I bought it to give my wife an easy way to access the web while wandering from room to room with our kids. If she was upstairs while they napped, or in the basement while they played, I wanted an easy way for her to still pop into facebook and email without leaving the room.

My 3 1/2 year old son took to it immediately and commandeered it as a gaming and video device. I ripped all his favourite videos into iTunes and loaded them into the iPad. When my wife and I get tired of Diego and Dora, he can have some quiet time on the couch with his own show while we dig into a movie of our own.

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