Zeitgeist Dismisses Religion As Nothing More Than Sun Worship

If you believe in god, if you go to church, if you pray, you are not worshipping a bearded saviour – you are honouring the sun.

Yes, the sun. The bright star in the sky.

Zeitgeist is a 2007 movie that starts by totally dispelling any reason for religion to have a legitimate foundation, before fading in to 9/11 conspiracy theories. While I’m still skeptical about some elements of that 2001 day, it’s the the opening scenes about religion that had my jaw drop.

I have recently accepted that I am an atheist, and have no desire to put any faith or belief in the bearded man in the sky. I have become increasingly more aware of how religion has infiltrated society, and how it has no place in a modern secular society.

Take 25 minutes and watch this. God is nothing more than the sun. Christianity nothing more than a tool invented by men to control the population.

In fairness, here is a rebuttal from the Centre of Public Christianity.

Pinkwashing Breast Cancer Every October

This post was originally published at The Yummy Mummy Club October 6, 2011

I was planning on writing a post about how the breast cancer movement has become over commercialized. Pink is persistent in the month of October found everywhere from the cleats of NFL players to the lapels of politicians. You can buy everything from hammers and hats to golf balls and travel mugs with the pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness and research proudly displayed.

But something is missing from this mass marketing of the pink ribbon – the awareness. The movement is supposed to remind women to check their breasts for abnormalities. The heightened publicity for the month of October is to remind you to watch your body and catch this disease early so it’s not deadly.

Instead, it’s a way for companies to boost the bottom line while tossing a percentage of profits in the research kitty. Breast cancer is big business, to be sure.

That was my original thesis, anyway. And then I stumbled into a video that gets the spirit of what this movement is about.

Yes, even when talking about breast cancer, there’s an app for that. An app that is free. An app that brings everything about this movement full circle.

Rethink Breast Cancer’s Your Man Reminder is cheeky, fun and not about putting pink in every window, on every accessory and every athlete – it’s about awareness. It’s about prevention. It’s about looking after yourself.

Celebrate the survivors and honour those who have passed with pink this month, but also remember to regularly give yourself a little T-L-C.

To be honest, I’d like to go back to the days when black and orange were popular for the season, not pink. Wouldn’t it be great if our grand-kids just knew October as the month we celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving?

Obama Confirms The Earth Is Round

There are times when conventional wisdom of a society changes.

1500 years before Columbus and Magellan, the Greeks had done calculations proving the Earth was a sphere. In fact, they had correctly estimated the circumference of our planet within a few hundred miles.

Unfortunately, learning and intellect went out of fashion in Europe between 400 and 1200 AD. The storehouses of Greek knowledge were lost to Western society with the advent of the Dark Ages. Sea monsters and Vikings ruled the seas, and ships that ventured too far from shore were sure to fall off the edge of a flat Earth.

When Barack Obama said “I think same-sex couples should be able to get married,” he was the first American President to publicly say what generations of people already believed, and what nations around the world had already made legal.
What he did was open a window on the Dark Ages of politics in America. It was a headline grabbing statement because the leadership had been so backasswards for so long.

For many, it was a breath of fresh air, for others it was a declaration of war.

The problem is not in what Obama is saying, the problems will come from his opponents. The Flat Earth Society (Christian Conservatives) will be making this an election issue of extreme importance. Fox Nation already had “Obama Declares War On Marriage” headlines on their website minutes after the announcement.

But, just as Kings and Queens had no jurisdiction to legislate the world was flat (it either was or it wasn’t, a law couldn’t make it so), the President of the USA, cannot make laws pertaining to gay marriage. It’s a state issue.

The legal issues surrounding same-sex marriage in the United States are complicated by the nation’s federal system of government. … many aspects of marriage law affecting the day to day lives of inhabitants of the United States are determined by the states, not the federal government, and the Defense of Marriage Act does not prevent individual states from defining marriage as they see fit.

And therein lies the rub: gay marriage will be an election issue in America. People will go to the polls and vote Romney or Obama based on whether or not they believe Barack and Mitt should be able to get married if they want to – and that’s wrong.

Obama’s leadership on the issue is important to help reflect a public sentiment that has made Glee and Modern Family top tv shows. It’s an important point in history to mark the ending of the Dark Ages, but it should not be an election issue federally. Economics, foreign policy, health policy, education, jobs programs, tax reform – those are things Americans should be weighing their Presidential candidates on, not gay marriage.

if you have a problem with gay marriage, it’s going to become your problem. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve come to that view for simple homophobic reasons or more nuanced intellectual or religious ones. It doesn’t even matter whether you’re right or wrong. Either way, you are lashing yourself to a hopeless losing cause, and not the kind that people forget about. There will come a time — not this year or next, but sometime in the next decade or two — when your position today will be just as embarrassing to you as if you’d taken a firm stand against interracial marriage in 1980. When that happens, I can almost guarantee that you’ll change your tune in public, whether or not you actually change your mind. So why not save yourself a lot of stress and get it over with now?
[Mechanical Brain]

In other words, everyone else has already figured out the earth is round.

The marriage of Ellen and Portia DeGeneres has no more affect on the validity and strength of my relationship than the destructive foolishness of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. My marriage is my marriage, your marriage is your marriage, and may they both grow and last together in happiness and love.

The Earth is round. People should be allowed to love and marry. The sun rises in the East. 2 + 2 = 4. All facts.

Whether or not personal taxes should increase, corporate subsidies should decrease, and America should invest in across the board health care? Those are debates worth having.

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