Why Being A Calgary Weatherman Sucks

calgary weather

[twitter]They say the weather in Calgary is unpredictable. Sure, you can see the pictogram forecast on your 6 o’clock news that says it will be sunny and 17 for the next 7 days, but that prediction is really only valid for a few hours.

But really the dude reading the forecast could be telling you about what he ate for breakfast. The weather report doesnt matter and everyone knows it. Predicting weather in Calgary is about as easy as the Flames making the playoffs next season.

Here are photos from the past 2 Saturdays. They could have easily been from this morning and this afternoon. Last weekend, Z and I were working on building our backyard garden, this morning we were again. By 4 o’clock it was dumping tedding bear stuffing from the sky.

20040417 backyardigans - 05 20100424 snow - 2

Calgary, where weather forecasting isn’t a science, it’s a random suggestion of possibilities that could or could not occur during a specified time frame.

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