The Best Bad Artist In Calgary

Mandy Stobo - Bad Portraits

[twitter]Mandy Stobo is the best bad artist in Calgary. And she loves it that way.

The woman behind Bad Portraits is making a career of making people look horrible.

In the past six months, Stobo has created more than 800 Bad Portraits: stacks of splashy neon watercolour renderings of people, ranging from the famous to pretty much anyone who asks.

She spends about 45 minutes on each portrait, and then sells the original watercolour for $100.

So far, she has sold about 150, a few dozen of which have been purchased by the “Twitterati”—celebs and lesser-knowns who have large followings on Twitter.

Mandy Stobo - Bad Portraits*cough* Twitterati *cough*, so I emailed Mandy and got the above of my boys and this one of me.

The one of the boys is deliciously bad. I love it. The one of me is actually almost a bang on portrait (does that mean I’m really bad in real life?)

Bad Portraits is a project to say that you are rad,” writes Mandy on her website. “It is a test of social media. And it is a way for me to gain my 10000 hours in a relatively inexpensive, but super inspirational way.”

Want your own Bad Portrait? Send her an email with some pics, she’ll add you to the list and email you a copy when it’s done.

It will look terrible, and you’ll love it.

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