The Coolest Picture I’ve Ever Taken With My iPhone

Picture of moon through telescope and iPhone

You can get all sorts of attachments for your iPhone lens.

There’s Photojojo, LensBaby, Kogeto, and others.

Lisa Bettany has had a great rig attached to her iPhone that she took around the world to demonstrate the power of her Camera+ app.

But what about attaching a telescope to the lens of your iPhone?

My son and I went down to our local Astronomy Club’s viewing session and after a couple of peeks at Venus and the Moon, I decided to simply hold the tiny lens of my iPhone up to the viewfinder. It’s the same concept all the pocket lens attachments work with, except this was a beastly telescope attached to my iPhone.

Starred Night in Calgary Starred Night in Calgary Starred Night in Calgary Picture of moon through telescope and iPhone

While I did it old school holding my iPhone up to the lens, there is an Astroclip in development to attach your iPhone to a telescope – no more squinting to see all the brilliance of space.

Afterwords, bring the images into Lightroom to touch them up and make them pop. There’s a collection of free Lightroom presets at Sleeklens you can add to your collection and once you get better at photography, adding a lighting kit from That Sweet Gift will really make your images pop.

What’s the coolest picture you’ve ever taken with your iPhone?



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