[twitter]Snow has fallen every month of the calendar year in Calgary. Summer months are not exempt from being on the wrong side of the jetstream and a blast of cold coming down.

On August 21, 2015, it snowed in Calgary. Actual, real, snow in August. Not a hailstorm that ‘looked’ like snow, actual snow. It ‘sort of stuck,’ but it still fell from the sky in big, puffy, pillowy flakes. In August.

During my 5 years in Calgary, I have seen snow on the ground every month of the year except July. It’s not right.

Our first year here, it snowed in late May and was still on the ground for my son’s birthday party in June.

Snow In June in Calgary

Last year, snow fell on September 8. So much snow fell that thousands of trees snapped under the wet heavy weight of the white stuff and leaves. It was terrible.

And this year, Mother Nature decided to go one better and make it snow in August.

Snow in August

Calgary is a wonderful place to raise kids. The sky is very often clear and blue. But the threat of winter on any day of the year is never appreciated. Snow falls and sticks by Halloween, it is usually not melted for good until Mother’s Day. That’s a habitual 8 month winter. That’s wrong.

Snow in August. Why?!?


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