Nanton Candy Store
Nanton Candy Store | Nanton, Alberta | July 21, 2013

[twitter]I’m cheating, I didn’t see it in Calgary, but I did see it in Nanton. Anytime you make a bolt south of the city for a vacation, or if you’re just taking a daytrip away from the city, a stop in Nanton needs to happen.

When you stop in Nanton, you invariably end up at the Nanton Candy Store.

All sorts of confectionaries are found in big bins bedhind the counter, mounds of cake decorating ideas line the walls, and the aisles in between are filled with hard-to-find, obscure, unique, and popular treats.

Our visit to the Nanton Candy Store included picking up a Watchamacallit for my wife. Only available in the states, it’s her fave candy bar.

After you’re done browsing the candy, make sure you slide 2 doors down to Nanton Ice Cream and pick up a cone to snack on the benches outside.

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