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Zacharie and Charlie | Cougar Ridge | March 10, 2013

[twitter]As the rest of Canada revels in the cherry blossoms, and flowers bursting from a winter slumber, Calgary is just getting ready for the “real winter” to begin. Sure, snow first fell in Calgary on October 25, 2012, and hasn’t disappeared since, but most of winter in Calgary is cold. It’s a cold, dry winter. There are 2 or 3 dumps of snow, but mostly it’s just a cold dark couple of months.

Spring, on the other hand, is when it hits the fan. March is the snowiest month of the year, with more than 25cm falling on average. Already in Calgary this year we have seen nearly 20 cm, with a forecast for at least another 10cm to fall before St Patrick’s Day. If you’re really lucky, the snow will stay in May and maybe even fall in June.

Spring Break is upon is in Calgary, and when you can’t afford to escape winter and hit the sun, you can still enjoy all the excitement of the beach – if you try hard enough.

Snow, it’s just like sand. Substitute snow pants for bathing suits and let the kids loose with their summer toys on the front lawn – they’ll barely notice the difference.

Need a cool beer? The backyard snow drift can take care of that for you.

See? You’re in Mexico for spring break. But you’re not.


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  1. Leigh March 10, 2013 at 4:16 pm

    I have no problem with winter in Calgary – but I find the spring brutal. I need to lower my expectations and expect to shovel every 2nd day till mid-April. Then when that doesn’t happen I’ll be deliriously happy.
    I must say though that I love the blue sky sun filled days in the mountains in March.
    Enjoy your March break.

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