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[twitter]Is this what your Calgary looks like?

A new video from Calgary Economic Development, Tourism Calgary, the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre and the Calgary Hotel Association has been released and highlights Calgary as the best of all worlds, a perfect Utopia that makes you believe it is always sunny and smiley in our city filled with runners and skateboarders.

“As Calgarians, we know our city is young, creative, innovative, cultural and urban and it’s important the rest of the world sees this too,” said Mayor Naheed Nenshi. “This new promotional video showcases our city’s unique energy as well as the incredible local talent who brought this story to life.”

Some have wondered where the older people are. True, Calgary is one of the youngest cities in the country, but we do have a vibrant population of boomers and seniors like everywhere else – are they not welcome to move to our home? Others have called the video generic, it could be used for many cities and there’s not enough in the clip that uniquely screams “This Is Calgary!”

‘Right Here’ included 280 Calgarians, utilized 21 Alberta-based crew and was written by local award-winning writer and composer, Mike Shields. In addition to the video, the agencies involved now have more than three terabytes of b-roll and photos to use in future marketing efforts.

It’s a highlight reel, I get that. It showcases the best of our city in a beautiful, wonderful, inspiring way. It’s gorgeous and nailed the fact that Calgarians love to run (although there are more days in toques and mittens on the pathways than tiny tank tops).

It’s a terrific homage to what Calgary can be if we take the time to celebrate all that we have “right here,” (and they didn’t even touch on the gorgeous mountains in our backyard). Still, I might draw the line Calgary being considered a paradise sailors would want to call home – chances are they’d end up disappointed ;).


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